Progdor2 - folder archiving and file transfering program

Started by LDDestroier, May 23, 2019, 03:04 pm

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Now introducing, the complete rewriting of the previous version...

Burninating the previous version since 2016

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std ld progdor2 progdor2.lua

Progdor2 is a utility that packages folders into archives for easy distribution.
There are several other features, too, such as compression (CCA, thanks to minizbot2012), self-extraction, and modem/HTTP file transferring with Skynet (thanks to Gollark).

(Progdor2 is super useful, I swear!)

Full list of arguments:

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Use with
  progdor [options] inputFolder (outputFile) -- Packs
  progdor [options] inputFile (outputFolder) -- Unpacks

Progdor2 files will hereby be called PDR files for brevity's sake. (And I wanna sound more official)

-pb [pastebin ID] : Unpacks a PDR file from pastebin
 Ex. progdor2 -pb 997dWNX4 theRom
-PB : Uploads a PDR to pastebin
 Ex. progdor2 -PB rom/programs
 Just to let you know, all pastebin uploads are logged at ".progdor_PB_uploads"
-dd [download URL] : Unpacks a PDR from a specified URL.
-e : Adds on self-extract code to a PDR package. They can't be extracted normally, so they must be ran to extract.
 Ex. progdor2 someFolder -e
 Now you can just run 'someFolder' and it'll extract.
-s : Silences all terminal output (unless there's a prompt)
-r : Wait to receive a file from modem/HTTP. Always asks to overwrite. You can optionally specify where the file will download to, if you like.
 Ex. progdor2 -r [path it will download to]
-t : Transmits a file/folder-to-be-packed to any Progdor2 instances currently waiting.
 Ex. progdor2 -t anyFile/anyFolder
-S: Uses Skynet instead of modems for "-r" and "-t". I got around the 64KB limit for Skynet, so don't worry.
 Ex. progdor2 -S -t someFolder
  progdor2 -S -r
-a : Allows other programs to use progdor2.lua as an API.
 Ex. local progdor = loadfile("progdor2.lua")("-a")
-c : Enables CCA compression. This is incompatible with "-e", since the space saving of compression would be lost if the compression algorithm was tacked on, too.
-m : Specifies the main executable inside an archive. Only really useful for other apps that might use PDR archives.
-i : Inspect an archive without extracting it.
-o : Overwrite files without asking. Is negated if you try to overwrite a read-only file/folder, though.

Tell me some tellings in the comments. It gives me validation.

get that BBPack exists, I get it

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