IC2 Reactor Computer Monitor + Controller

Started by Emily, May 20, 2019, 03:34 am

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May 20, 2019, 03:34 am Last Edit: May 20, 2019, 03:55 am by Emily
For those rare few who still use IndustrialCraft Reactors instead of BigReactor reactors, I bring to you my Touchscreen Controller/Monitor program!



Pretty basic- All this does is send data to the Relay computer you will be setting up soon.

  • Basic Computer Running ReactorReader
  • Wireless Modem Left Side
  • Wired Modem Top Side - Attached to Reactor
  • Redstone Front Side - Attach to Wireless Transmitter (Transmitter1)
  • Wireless Redstone Receiver + Redstone - Attach to Nuclear Reactor (Receiver3)

  • Change reactor [line 1] to match the ID of your Reactor (right click attached wired modem to find ID)
  • Change relayID [line 5] to match the ID of your Relay computer


This will send energy storage data to your Relay computer.

  • Basic Computer Running ReactorStorage
  • Wireless Modem Right Side
  • Wired Modem Back Side - Attached to 2 MFSU

  • Change relayID [line 8] to match the ID of your Relay computer
  • Change mfsu_one [line 3] to match the ID of the first storage device
  • Change mfsu_two [line 4] to match the ID of your second storage device


The relay acts as a messenger between the monitor and reactor.

This is not necessary in all scenario, however my reactor is just outside the max range of wireless modem communication so this was required in my case. You will need to modify the code on your own if you wish to do without the relay.

  • Basic Computer Running ReactorRelay
  • Wireless Modem Top Side
  • Wireless Redstone Transmitter Front Side (Transmitter2)

  • Change monitorID [line 4] to match the ID of the Monitor computer you will set up shortly

On/Off Gate

The Relay works with your Reactor computer's safety-net using this logic gate to ensure your reactor is never going to overheat if your Monitor computer breaks or is in a chunk that gets unloaded. Think of the safety-net as a fixed auto-shutoff function.

  • Redstone AND Gate
  • Redstone Wireless Receiver (Receiver1)
  • Redstone Wireless Receiver (Receiver2)
  • Redstone Wireless Transmitter (Transmitter3)


Interactive Touchscreen Display for reactor control and info.

  • Basic Computer Running ReactorMonitor
  • Wireless Modem Top Side
  • 3x5 Advanced Monitor Right Side

  • Change relayID [line 19] to match the ID of the Monitor computer you will set up shortly

All Scripts:

All code is my own; you are free to do with it as you please just plz don't steal credit :)

Idea for UI design influenced extremely heavily by YouTube user Krakaen's BigReactor Monitor design


Well done, simple yet fancy GUI. Nice software. I'm interested in stuff you'll produce in the future!
Please do collaborate on the ComputerCraft Wiki! Thanks!
Also like my post if you found it informative or helpful. This gets me to know what I should do more of. Thanks again!