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The ASCdioptaseOS is an OS created to access swiftly to your favorites programs and files.

It comes in English and French and with a build-in user manual.

It can run on any kind of computer in the game:

And it is especially useful for turtles.

It is also customizable.

To instal it simply use :
Code Select
pastebin run 5wZcaNqL
1.2:Upgrading the command line and letting you see error messages when a program launched from the OS get an error.
1.1:Upgrading the reboot and shutdown buttons.

If you have any questions,feedback, suggestion or if you noticed a bug or an English mistake please let me know.


Looks promising. Code is clean and organized. Good stuff..


Wonderful! Could use some animations on this to improve! This could be useful to be able to make a working installer.

  • Make to be able to go to CraftOS by holding "O" when booting.
  • Like CCWindows, allow other users to make their own apps via a api. This helps the users to make new windows, popups, able to make it closable, not closable, able to maximize or minimize, or put it out of view. You can make it to do anything with labels, even change the position, any way possible they need to do.
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