TRON - Lightcycle game (Multiplayer | HTTP via Skynet)

Started by LDDestroier, Nov 21, 2018, 12:59 am

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Nov 21, 2018, 12:59 am Last Edit: Sep 17, 2020, 06:38 pm by LDDestroier Reason: Updated game mechanic.
Initially made over the course of two days (and countless more for tweaking and features), I finally made my own multiplayer game!

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pastebin get 3UMEwDe5 tron.lua

This is a two-player game that uses modems, or Gollark's Skynet API for HTTP netplay.
Each player is control of a lightcycle, which creates a trail behind it which you and your enemy must avoid.
The objective is to trap the enemy and get them to collide with one of the trails, or the wall.
To aid in creating escape opportunities for yourself, you can intentionally create breaks in your trail.

Supports advanced and normal computers, turtles, and pocket computers.

Controls: (keyboard)
  Move with the arrow keys.
  Pan the camera slightly with WASD.
  Hold the spacebar to let up on creating your deadly trail.

Controls: (mouse)
  Move by clicking the left mouse button above/below or to the left/right of your lightcycle.
  Pan the camera slightly by holding and dragging the middle mouse button.
  Hold the right mouse button to let up on creating your deadly trail.


Trails are animated with changing colors, which shows what direction your enemy headed in. (in addition to looking swood)

Get the enemy to collide with your trail or their own, and you win!

Give yourself an extra escape option by releasing your trail! Watch for your fuel gauge!

There is an options menu that lets you set things like the type of background grid, your name, a password, et cetera.

You can play the game online using CCEmuX ( if you don't care for SMP lag.

Tell me what you think in the comments.


New update:

  • Releasing your trail now requires fuel to do. You start with 10, and it regenerates over time.
  • There's a new Options menu that allows you to change your screen name, change the grid pattern, and demo the grid scrolling.
  • Speaking of names, the enemy player's name will be drawn above their lightcycle by default. 13 character limit.
  • Changed the default grid to one that looks cooler.
  • Mouse users can now pan the camera by holding and dragging middle click.
  • Fixed image rendering glitch involving term.blit().


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