How do wiki account requests work

Started by EveryOS, Nov 05, 2018, 07:08 PM

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Is this like a new-account-must-be-approved type thing. If so, how long does approval take?

How does one agree to a non-existent terms of service?

Is our wiki account biased based on other accounts with our username?
Why is there no password field in "create account"
Is this a mods-only type thing
If by approval, what is considered?


The approvals are manually handled by the staff team. They usually take between a few minutes to a few days. Yours has been approved.

Once accounts are approved, the user receives an email, which will then provide them with a page to set their password.

The approval process is in place to limit spam and vandalism. Your account access may be revoked at any time if you vandalise content.



And I'm still curious. Do they relate to our other accounts, or are they treated separately (e.g. assume we are different users)?


They relate to your other accounts.


In this case, I think it would be better to kinda just jumbo the forum account with the wiki account. Otherwise, somebody could make a forum account and somebody else could make a wiki account with the same name. Even if you were to implement IP-verification, one could use a datacenter IP. I often (not always) use the OVH hosting datacenter IP

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Merging wiki accounts with forum accounts are on the road, however, we couldn't get them working at first due to MediaWiki changes.