Forum updates - October 2023

Started by Lemmmy, Oct 12, 2023, 02:26 AM

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  • Lemmmy

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We have updated the underlying forum software, SMF, from version 2.1 Beta 4 to version 2.1.4. Due to the large code changes since being on a beta release, quite a lot of work was required to port over all of our custom changes to the forum.

As part of the update, several issues including difficulty with CAPTCHAs, uploading attachments, and using code blocks in spoilers have been fixed. OpenGraph support has been improved (e.g. for Discord embeds) and the sitemap is now much better for search engine crawlers.

A new pronouns field has been added to the Profile section, for you to state the pronouns you prefer to be addressed by. You can use the popular "they/them" format, or a word such as "any" to indicate "any pronouns are fine". Distasteful or disrespectful use of this field will result in a ban.

We're now in a much better position to stay up-to-date with SMF and make more necessary code changes.

Hopefully you won't notice any problems, but if you do, please report them here!

  • Dilene

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Known issues:
  • Editor doesn't show all available BBCodes: This will be fixed at a later date.
  • ✅ Resolved: Image only proxies http links: Camo image proxy now in place.