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Started by HydroNitrogen, Aug 14, 2018, 07:05 PM

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Do you get a hard one from them bars? Are you addicted to doing lines? Do you love hot numbers? Do you smile by seeing graphs?

Then you, if you don't already knew about its existence, must have a peek at the forum statistics page!


HERE  <- (there)

Have a nice day and please collaborate on the Wiki! Thanks!
Please do collaborate on the ComputerCraft Wiki! Thanks!
Also like my post if you found it informative or helpful. This gets me to know what I should do more of. Thanks again!


Interesting... I appear to have had quite the affect on the current statistics.  Of course, my post count is still quite low compared to the old forums, but there's still time to fix that :)
I'm a ComputerCraft veteran with over 3k posts on the old ComputerCraft Forum.  I'm mostly inactive in CC having moved on to bigger, more interesting projects but still contribute to the community.


:D I'm just glad to be on it.
"inspirational quote"
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Also the first user to set the theme to "Curve2" as their default.