Branch Mine Helper - This does not automatically mine for you

Started by DrPleaseRespect, Jul 16, 2021, 09:25 pm

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WARNING: This is my first program in Lua and ComputerCraft

Branch Mine Helper
WARNING: This program will also probably break if unloaded



Main Menu:

Refuel Menu:

Start Menu:

Mining Pattern:

Program will immediately mine to the left once Mine has been started
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pastebin get VrDXp25t miner.lua


I see your program has some very cool knick-knacks.

As I looked through your pastebin code, you used term.blit() a lot when writing text. It's confusing for me and some coders, so why not check out the wiki for CC and try getting around all the APIs, including the colors api.

A few tips for improv
  • Instead of
    Code Select
    term.blit(text, "ffffff", "000000")Do this for writing text better, and for better understanding
    Code Select
    term.setCursorPos(1,1) --whatever pos in x, y
    term.write("A big fat black and white text")
    to better help others who are viewing your code. You can even ask others (including me) to join in on your development.
  • Create a repository in Gitlab or Github (Gitlab is recommended because it has a Web IDE, and more Markdown features) and store files for your code instead of Pastebin. You can use the Gitlab API through the http API and download files.
  • Add a settings page for changing settings to change the mining pattern and even other customizable settings.
  • If you want, you can use my zipmenu API to work around on making your own menus. I'm working on it as I grow more ideas for customization.
  • Add a way to communicate to your turtle by using the Peripherals++ mod anywhere you go, and to control just from your advanced wireless pocket computer and your advanced computer. Just like MerlinLikeTheWizard's Mastermine.
  • Make sure when a update is issued to your creation, have it updated through the repository you chosen git website.
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