Yet Another Command Line Argument Module (YACLAM)

Started by Noire, Jun 24, 2021, 01:26 am

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Alternative title: The Worst Mistake of my Life

Yet Another Command Line Argument Module
..or maybe it's the first.

Made for ComputerCraft - specifically CC:Tweaked.
This was initially supposed to be a helper module for my Computercraft IRC program that emulates Discord but worse, but I then decided it would be cool to release this thing into the public.

Please note that if there are any errors, I don't care. But I'll fix them eventually.
No, I am not this pretentious.

Hacked together in about fifteen hours, this thing does everything you can dream of within the realm of sanity. Not-so-auto-autocomplete that can be updated and executed at any time via cla.setupAutoComplete(shell).  One-hyphen and double-hyphen flags. My hopes and dreams that were once present when working in CC:Tweaked. All of it in one package.

It also has some crude humour in the documentation - so if you don't like that, maybe this module isn't exactly right for you. I also use British spelling for some words. If you don't like that, Twitter has something to say to you.

If you do use this godforsaken module comprised of hot glue and duct tape, please mention me somewhere - preferably in a little easter egg within your code. That would be funny.

Here's the source:
Don't read it though, it sucks. I stopped caring about good coding practice at around the fourteen-hour mark.

Upon writing this, I also realized that I forgot to remove the pcall within the shell.setCompletionFunction. Oh well. I called it.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or problems, let me know. I'll probably try and assist you.
..or I won't.

Maybe I will.
I don't know.


After looking at your documentation on GitHub, you've managed to pull off a successful release of your latest API/Module for ComputerCraft. Later on, I'll think about importing this API/Module (or utility) for COSC.
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