Music is only playing from one speaker at a time.

Started by Dewrot, May 13, 2021, 11:54 pm

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Music only comes from the first speaker in my network when it should be playing from all 3.

nothing is 256 blocks apart... my whole network consist of 4 modems, 3 speakers and less than 3 stacks of cable.

There is also a monitor on top of the computer.
One note is that the modems dont pop up a message when activated. But they ALL dont show up. The program I have to tell me all my perfs is able to see all 3 are connected and there is a monitor on top.

Also wouldnt hurt to receive some helpful optimizations... Ive checked the original CC wiki as well as CC:T.

Current Modpack: All of Fabric 3

Alright, this appears to be a fabric specific bug, please file a bug report on The Github so I can work on this once we reach 1.95

For future reference, it will be handy if you tell us, the people on the forum, that you are using CC:R (Restitched) along with which version (available through modmenu)


Sorry about the confusion. Thank you for the reply though. I thought I was specific enough by mentioning my modpack. Any future inquiries will be more specific. I suppose I will wait until 195 then :)