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Started by Lvl1Slime, May 05, 2021, 09:52 am

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Pastebin bkL6gaRv

Advanced filter, you can either have a whitelist where it will only mine blocks placed in the first 14 slots OR a blacklist where it will avoid blocks placed in the first 15 slots. For the blacklist, it will place the filter blocks back in the starting chest for use with other turtles and to avoid clutter.
Customizable mining area, it will dig down to bedrock and then mine out an area that you can configure the length, width, and height of. You can also have it not dig all the way down by lieing to it about the starting Y level.
Memory, the turtle will return to the chest once its inventory is full and deposit items before returning to where it was
Never run out of fuel underground, the turtle checks if it has enough fuel to keep going, and if it does not it will pause and return to surface, where you can give it more fuel and then it will resume.

To use:
1. Place mining turtle
3. Place a chest (best to use like a diamond chest or double chest unless you're using the whitelist setting)
2. type pastebin get bkL6gaRv name
3. type name
4. it will ask for length and width, put in desired size to dig
5. it will ask for a starting Y value, just put in whatever f3 says
6. it will ask if you want a whitelist, yes = whitelist, no = blacklist
7. it will ask if you want to dig the entire chunk, yes/no. If you answer yes, the program will commence mining and will dig from the starting point down to bedrock. If you answer no, it will ask how many levels you want to mine. It will dig from bedrock up to the input y-level.
8. Profit $$$

If you find a bug I'll probably fix it.

Example of program input

Fixed issue where running whitelist with multiple items would dispose of items on the white list in addition to everything else. Also made whitelist and chunk questions both accept y, Y, n, N, yes, Yes, no, No.


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It doesn't work if there is bedrock front of it or below it. Like in my modpack there is Y5 the starting level for bedrocks. I don't know how could I solve it.