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Started by KingofGamesYami, Aug 13, 2018, 01:08 am

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This is a small function I wrote to emulate the miniature menu of CraftOS's "edit" program. It is very easy to use, and can be used on both advanced and normal computers. It currently will not correct for smaller screen width, if you give it too many options (if you need more, see my menu). If this is a problem, I can update it, but I don't see anyone needing that many options out of this menu.

pastebin get V455UuCr

This menu is simple to use, simply call the function like so:
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local selection = minimenu( "Option1", "Option2" )
And it will return either "Option1" or "Option2". You can add as many selections as you want, just remember to use string values.

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I love the simplicity of this!