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Started by Dimaguy, Sep 04, 2020, 03:53 PM

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We literally have 3 captchas setup in this forum.
  • One barely readable
  • Another that is decided by google (and if you are using a proxy or some way of obfuscating your activity only gets (exponentially) worse.
  • The third one... well it kinda makes sense, but sometimes when you don't remember the answer you gotta google it and it is tiring at some point.
Please... PLEASE make this simpler. There are options to get it done: rate-limit, one single captcha (could be the first one but readable or in case it cant be done easier then just stick with the general knowledge captcha or math captcha) or even the ban hammer.


I was going to make a post about this. ReCaptcha by Google should be 100% sufficient for this forum. This is extremely excessive

What do you think this says? I had to use the "Listen" function for this one. Apparently its "PCAGCM". What?


I almost gave up trying to register because of these un-readable captchas and distorted audio. After 5 attempts, I finally got here.
I am just about to post this message, and what do I find at the bottom of the page?.....


At least they are a bit more readable. Wish me luck
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This appears to be a bug in the forum software, the entire forum should be using reCAPTCHA v2. We'll investigate the issue further.


any updates to this? the crappy verification method (the one everyone is complaining about) is still there...

the image is what I currently see on this page as I am typing this

that was incorrect, so lets try again

nope that failed again

I had to try three different times, just to be able to post this.


the year is 2023 and this is still a problem it's really hard to use this site.

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Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delay. We have fixed the reCAPTCHA issues and reduced the difficulty of the noisy CAPTCHA.