[1.12.2] Want people to apply for whitelist, lots more mods, the internet in mc

Started by KingJellyfishII, Dec 25, 2019, 03:30 pm

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Hi there, I run a very small server that has a lot of mods currently including but not limited to:

buildcraft, minecraft transport simulator (cars and planes), computercraft, dynamic trees (and more smaller ones)

This is a whitelist only server to prevent griefing (instaban if caught griefing) and if you'd like to apply dm me on discord (KingJellyfishII#7450).

I'm currently working on coding a realistic internet on the server with tools such as a package manager, graphical OS and web browser, web server and many (simple) GNU tools that have been ported and are available through the ingame package manager. Currently there's no documentation (you'll just have to ask me) but I'm in the process of creating the man program so that there can be manuals for every program.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the server, even if it's not for you.


I would love to join if it has Tinkerers construct, Does it have that?


hi i am T79, bye