Should I make a backup of the computercraft wiki?

Started by coolmax10, Jan 01, 2019, 01:47 am

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Because dan200 does not seem to be working on ComputerCraft anymore, I wanted to make a backup of the wiki if it goes down.


I'm a ComputerCraft veteran with over 3k posts on the old ComputerCraft Forum.  I'm mostly inactive in CC having moved on to bigger, more interesting projects but still contribute to the community.


there is also the CC:T wiki:
it will diverge from Dan200's CC overtime (and already has significantly) but most things should still apply

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The old wiki has not allowed new user registrations since 2014, so it can only be maintained by a shrinking list of veterans - its current contents are likely not up-to-date even with the original CC branch, and so it is probably not worth archiving anyway, except as a curio.