Harbor - The friendly containerizing environment for any large application

Started by hugeblank, Dec 25, 2018, 10:06 am

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Harbor is a very simple concept with practical implications. Take a table that emulates a directory structure and some metadata, and apply a purely lua FS API variant that uses the table to do all FS interactions. This can be used to create anything from an executable that unfurls an entire multi-file program, to a multi-partition drive.

If you only want the harbor API and nothing else:
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pastebin run ivRuuLSHIf you want some additional programs that I come up with for Harbor as I think of them, and as you create them:
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pastebin run ivRuuLSH extras
More information can be found on the README. PLEASE check that out as it has some information on loading the API and all the documentation.
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