Alfons - Cross-platform task runner

Started by daelvn, Dec 02, 2018, 06:44 pm

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Alfons - Cross-platform task runner
Alfons is a very simple task runner and project manager that runs in CC and in your computer. It will find for an "Alfonsfile", which should contain global-exported functions. This can be useful for things such as generating documentation automatically, cleaning the built files, compiling others...
Writing taskfiles
You can use MoonScript or Lua to write taskfiles
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-- alfons: lua
-- This header can be placed anywhere in the code, and is optional if your file has an extension.
task = function (self)
  -- -> The name of this task (task)
  -- self.ltext -> The ltext library
  -- self.file -> The fs API (outside of CC, this is the bundled file.lua module)
And, in the case of MoonScript
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-- alfons: moon
export task = =>
  print @name
Using Alfons
Basic usage consists in calling the Alfons script with a list of the tasks to run as arguments. Non-existing tasks will simply not be run.
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alfons task_1 task_2 task_3.

Installing Alfons
You can use the installer that uses bsrocks.
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pastebin run vbhNbjX4
Pastebin Installer
Pastebin Wrapper