KristWeb - an in-browser wallet for Krist

Started by Lemmmy, Nov 05, 2018, 07:59 pm

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an in-browser wallet for Krist

KristWeb is an open-source Krist wallet that runs in your web browser. It provides a modern interface for you to check your Krist balance, send it to friends, and manage your names. It also allows you to manage multiple wallets at once, and switch between them with ease.

It provides all the usual features that you'd expect from a Krist wallet:
  • Checking your balance and recent transactions
  • Sending Krist, with optional custom metadata
  • Name manager
  • View network transactions
  • Economicon with richlist and lowest hashes
  • Support for KristWallet passwords and other wallet formats

As well as some unique features that other wallets may not have:
  • Real-time updating of balance and transaction listings
  • Responsive UI that works great on desktop and mobile
  • Add icons to your own wallets and address book contacts
  • Manage multiple wallets with the wallet switcher, and give them friendly labels
  • Address book to remember your friends' addresses, and give them friendly labels
  • Easily send Krist to your own wallets and address book contacts, with a dropdown menu
  • Hide mined transactions from transaction listings
  • Check up on network statistics such as work and estimated hashrate
  • 24-hour work graph
  • CommonMeta and name support in transactions
  • Export your wallet list to use in other browsers or to backup your wallets

Visit it today at! You can also contribute and report issues on GitHub.