Easier forum navigation, better UI, plz

Started by EveryOS, Nov 05, 2018, 04:16 PM

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So like it is hard to find settings such as profile pic and also it would be nice if sub-boards were showed in board links, rather than the gray bar under them

Like, I know there are only 95 members, but it would still be useful.

Also the post button should be higher or bigger or something, maybe under the reCaptcha

Also, while we don't need it right now, you may want to add post approval so new users don't go posting random off-topic content about how good their grandma's cookies taste


Thanks for the feedback! I certainly agree that it may be a little confusing trying to find the settings at first, especially since this is an unfamiliar forum software and the 'My Profile', 'Forum Profile' and 'Account Settings' pages can be a little confusing.

I have rearranged the navigation. Does this menu look a little better to you?

What do you mean by "sub-boards were showed in board links"?

I have made the post button stand out more, similar to the reply button. Let me know what you think.


Oh yeah, this is much better. Thank you. 
The more button does not work correctly on my device BTW. It makes me scroll down and even then is still cut off.

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There's an update incoming in a few days. Maybe your issue is solved on it (We pulled from upstream after 3 months of doing nothing)