Unable to open crafting tables now? [SOLVED]

Started by cynagen, Oct 14, 2018, 06:06 AM

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I'm including the [attach name=crash-2018-10-13_21.43.49-client.txt type=text/x-c]39[/attach], they all start the same way, so it's a reproduceable bug. I've uninstalled the pack entirely from Technic Launcher (Deleted then installed fresh, not reinstalled) to no avail. I'm also suffering an age old bug of missing audio files (for some reason a couple download corrupted) causing my game to crash when one of them attempts to play. I'm at a loss for the first problem, and if somebody can point me to the correct folder with the 1.12.2 base files for Technic, I'll happily fix my own sound issue. Thanks!

SP mode on the same install has no problems with the crafting table, it's only on the server, I'm wondering what's going on here.


Squid helped take a look at this one. The recipe book was left open, and when accessing the Crafting Table, it would attempt to load it and crash for some reason.

There are 2 easy fixes;
First, access personal inventory (E), and close the book here, you should now be able to access the table.
Second, install this additional mod; https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/no-recipe-book -- A request has been put in to look into this server bug and fix it, or add this mod to the modpack officially.