So I "accidentally" got the krist block value to above 53 KST

Started by LoganDark, Aug 28, 2018, 10:36 am

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It's probably a good thing you couldn't mine on K80s, they have a horrible hashrate. When I mined on them they got less than 200 MH/s/ea. You'd be better off buying a {1060,1070,1070ti,1080,1080ti} than spending $4000 monthly on some Tesla GPUs. Furthermore, no amount of CPU cores will even slightly help with hashrate unless you're using an iGPU or CPU OpenCL.


Quote from: HydroNitrogen on Aug 28, 2018, 01:46 pm[snip]

Yemmel is genuinly asking for any help you may need, we don't want drama on the forums, so he, the creator, definitely wouldn't bring it here.

1. On the server, I already made it abundantly clear that if I did, in fact, want help, I would ask for it. The fact that I'm not asking for it shows that I don't want any anymore. While I would've asked had I been given the chance in the beginning without someone revealing personal info behind my back, his attitude has given me a bad impression, so I won't now, even if you give me 30 chances.

2. The way that he keeps asking me if I need help is patronizing. I don't mind if you (or him) protest to my sentiment, but it's simply the impression I got. Mind you, I'm autistic in a weird-ish sort of way, so I view things differently.

I simply don't feel comfortable asking him for help at this point. Or any of you, for that matter. I'm no longer paying for the hardware, and I don't care to try anymore. I'm still recovering from an incident that happened yesterday. Please refrain from asking for more information using this thread and send me a private message if you'd like to inquire further.

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