Do anyone know what has happened to the old Computer Craft website?

Started by SamH, Apr 21, 2024, 01:48 PM

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The old forums and the old wiki now both return a 404 page not found.

The old homepage looks like this:
You cannot view this attachment.

A couple days ago the entire site was not responding for me.

I have some ideas of what may have happened:

  • the server was hacked
  • dan200 transferred control of the domain to someone else
  • dan200 may announce something big soon (Craft OS 2?)

I feel like 3 is the most likely since the homepage says "New landing page coming soon". However, I don't think it will be something like a Craft OS 2.

If anyone has knowledge (or other ideas) they can share, please don't hesitate and post them below.


The website has been down for a couple of weeks now. I suspect the server fell over (or possibly was hacked), and it's not been easy to recover, so they're just putting something up rather than it failing to load.
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@ComputerCrafter NginX is a web server that many people use. That what Nginx's default 404 page looks like.

Considering that the server was not responding a couple days ago, the server was (most likely) hacked. This could mean a complete loss of the previous Nginx configs.

I guess we have to wait and see what "coming soon" means. I hope someone made a backup of the old forums otherwise many programs would have been lost.

Oh, so that's what it is!
Maybe he's releasing a new website perhaps.
We'll have to wait and see. :)


I quote from dan200, 24/04-24.

> Hey all. Yes it's me.
My old webhost gave me a few days notice that the server was going down, so that's why there's a placeholder page there. Before the server went down I managed to take a complete backup of the files and SQL databases for both the forums and the wiki.
When I have the time, I may put up a read-only copy of the old wiki, but my general plan is to put up a pretty simple page which just explains what ComputerCraft is and was, and how to download the last official versions. But generally it will exist to redirect people to CC:Tweaked and it's wikis/community, as that's where CC lives on now for most people 🙂
It's not a data breach, it's a surprise backup.


That's excellent news. Did dan post this on Twitter (X)?

While we wait for Dan to fix the issue, I've made a new method for accessing the old website.
If you go to the Wayback Machine, you can view it (old versions).

Beware, though, as most of these captures by the Wayback Machine are on average 2–4 years old.
In addition, you could also use the new wiki(


Quote from: SamH on May 03, 2024, 08:22 PMThat's excellent news. Did dan post this on Twitter (X)?

No, it was in the MCCM discord server.
It's not a data breach, it's a surprise backup.

Quote from: Erb3 on May 09, 2024, 10:05 AM
Quote from: SamH on May 03, 2024, 08:22 PMThat's excellent news. Did dan post this on Twitter (X)?

No, it was in the MCCM discord server.

are all the amazing programs lost? there was a draconic energy core program ive used in alll my enigmatica 2e playthoughs its amazing but i cant get it anymore?

If you stored it in Pastebin then it's not lost. :D
You can still get the Pastebin code posted on the forums by viewing it through the Wayback Machine.


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