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BBCode issues

Started by Fatboychummy, Apr 14, 2024, 08:58 AM

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I've ran into a couple of BBCode saving issues, specifically when I was writing this post here. Upon clicking "Save Draft", it seems to insert an absolute *ton* of spoiler tags, and completely ruins the formatting.

It also changes
[spoiler=Command Line Arguments] into
[spoiler="Command Line Arguments"] which then puts those quotes into the spoiler title:

Command Line Arguments
"Command Line Arguments"

I expected "Save Draft" to keep my topic as-is, rather than changing it so drastically. If you want to test this, just copy the raw text from the above-linked post (if you have access to that data, otherwise DM me and I can send it), then put it into a new post and click "Save Draft" then "Preview" -- you'll see how insanely it screwed up the post.
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