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ComputerCraft Telegraph

Started by ComputerCrafter, Mar 30, 2024, 02:57 PM

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This is my first program, so it may look a little sloppy.

You can use this to send messages over redstone.
(Rednet is probably better, but it's a telegraph...)

Here's the code on Pastebin:
recieve: ypNwGkYe
send: xa96LtMd

You also have to download the ASCII API into the root directory:

It works using a wire from the back of the computer to denote the beginning and end of messages.
Sends out a pulse each tick, so approximately 30 words/minute.

Remember to set the output sides, by default it's the right side.
It's mainly for recreational purposes, as it's better to use Rednet/Modem API.
You can hook up a bell or note block for the "morse-code" beeps.
Screenshots are here: Screenshots

Here's an update!

I made a new program to check if the redstone wires are intact.
It also gives you the reply delay (Usually it's 0.05 seconds, or 1 tick)

So you can use this to make sure your messages are going through!
(And also make sure the recipient is running the "ping repeat" program)

Pastebin Code: r2y6XK7B

Please enjoy! And leave some feedback too! :D


I'd rather suggest you make a all-in-one program so you have it in diffrent modes.
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Sorry for not replying for 3 days...
I was working on my email program (here:
I'll probably work on combining the programs tomorrow.
Ping program will still be a different one though.

Personally, I like my programs to be separated, but I think having 1 file only is pretty convenient. :)

Okay, so after some more testing, here's what I found:

1/ It's very easy to wiretap, just hook up another reciever.
2/ All wires have to be chunkloaded, which is a pain for long distance communications.
3/ You have to find a way to repeat redstone signals with no delay. (
4/ LAG, the tiniest amount WILL result in the timing being destroyed and the message corrupted.
5/ It takes a TON of redstone and pistons/repeaters to build the initial wire.

So I think it's best that we should use my new email system. :P
(It's still pretty cool for map-making though)

I'm still going to work on combining them though, for the sake of completion. :D
I hope everyone's enjoyed my project! I really enjoyed making it. :)

I finally finished!
Here's the all-in-one pastebin code: kji38aZg
Please enjoy, I had a lot of fun making this! :D