PineStore (website / database for CC projects)

Started by Xella, Sep 29, 2023, 04:32 PM

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Hey everyone! I'm finally announcing this here as I think the store is in a complete enough state to share with more people :)

About the store:
- is a website but also works as a database / API for anyone to use
- has an API with documentation to easily manage your account/projects and get data from the store
- for any ComputerCraft related projects (including programs, libraries, resource packs, mods/addons, emulators etc.)
- is flexible / allows you to create your own frontend in CC to install projects
- another way to share your projects (and allow them to be found on Google)

Please feel free to add your own CC projects to the store for others to see :D
(and report any bugs if you encounter any)

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Yeah this really is cool!
I also love the clean interface, well done ^^
- Sammy.K aka 1Turtle


Quote from: Sammy on Oct 01, 2023, 05:45 PMYeah this really is cool!
I also love the clean interface, well done ^^

Spent some good time working on the stylesheet and figuring out the layout of the site :3

Might be taking a small break though, because I've been working on it almost every day for a few weeks :P
More features will come though


The site has been updated a bunch!

You can now save projects, follow users and projects, configure your Discord notifications more precisely and the API makes a lot more sense now (with updated docs)


Redesign of profile pages, now with the option for social links :)

Here's mine:


We now have a separate Discord server for PineStore where updates are posted and where you can subscribe to newly published projects!


You can now add a changelog / update notes when publishing an update!