MineExplorer - a tree-view file manager

Started by Reimar, Mar 15, 2023, 09:11 PM

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This program allows you to navigate the filesystem on your computer with a tree-view display. It is primarily built for advanced computers, having features like color-coded file icons, clicking and scrolling, but works for normal computers as well. It works for both the original ComputerCraft mod and CC: Tweaked.

Currently, you can press space (or click) to edit files and expand/collapse folders, or press enter to execute programs and cd into folders. You can rename files with F2 and quit the program by hitting Q. I plan on adding more features soon.

To install the program, you can run the (still fairly primitive) installer: pastebin run tCYT5FBf
It will download the files into the /minex folder and add an alias, minex, for running the program anywhere.

The code is free and open source and can be viewed at https://github.com/ReimarPB/MineExplorer