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Started by SuperNiceJohn, Feb 23, 2023, 09:24 pm

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Heya, I'm getting back into Computercraft after a few years of dormancy, figured I'd get my account set up here completely. However, when trying to add a profile pic I just get an error about "The attachments directory is not writable".
A brief scan over other topics yielded no immediate results, so I figured I should make a post on the off-chance that it's not just an error on my part :o)
What I've tried so far:
Supplying an avatar of size 96x96 uploaded to the site
Specifying a direct image link to the same file on my webserver
Neither worked, is this functionality broken for now, or only accessible to admins and the like?

Thanks for any advice on how to get rid of the default profile icon, tihi!
I have ComputerCraft to thank for my interest in programming :)


Have you tried using Gravatar?

I have the feeling that this is an oversight of some kind.


Ahh, it appears when we moved between servers, some config options didn't get updated properly. This should now work - please let us know if you have any further issues!
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Ah, excellent!
I have not checked out what a Gravatar is, so that might have worked :)
Thanks for the help.
I have ComputerCraft to thank for my interest in programming :)