Running Doom on CC? is it possible?

Started by Dena, Feb 17, 2023, 11:53 AM

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Hey everyone! quite the question,huh?
So,I've done some research on this, basically every doom version mainly uses C, the original lua is written in C, and could actually implement basic C headers and etc (I'm no expert on C or converting programming languages to each other,I only know some decent linux,python and lua, and basic java so pls cut me some slack :p)

So far, two things caught my eye:
First, DoomGeneric which only uses a handful of basic C functions to display Doom on any machine, if this could be redirected to CC to use paintutils or sth to draw frames, and maybe some WASD or monitor_touch controls for controlling the character, this actually could work pretty decently. BUT I do realize that CC is written in java/kotlin. so I have no idea if lua is implemented with/without C in the middle.

Second,there are single .exe files(excluding the WAD of the game) that work on windows and DOS. could these be translated into lua in some way?

Third option would be the versions of Doom that use another programming language(say Python, for instance) and have those translated into CC, which would require reading the code and figuring out how to input/output to CC
of course, for displaying we could use the versions that use ASCII in a terminal, and have that converted to again, paintutils.

any help on this would be much appreciated! :)


You could try manually converting the code from C to Lua.