ARC (Augmented Reality Client with overlay glasses)

Started by osmarks, Aug 12, 2018, 05:44 pm

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I made a simple "augmented reality" thing for Plethora's overlay glasses which basically just allows text to be displayed when you're near "beacons" (computers with modems transmitting data).

(must be run on a neural interface with a modem and overlay glasses)
(must be run on a computer with a wireless modem)

Example config (save it to conf.tbl):
(for server)

If text is weirdly positioned, that's because I attempt to rightalign it and that's quite hard to do with Plethora. If you know how to make it work, please tell me.

It supports cuboids for range definitions (see example configuration) as well as (deprecated-ly) ranges around a spherical area. You can also create dynamic content. How this works is specified in the config file.


I just made cuboidal ranges significantly more friendly to servers, by running GPS checks in the background and once per two seconds at most. This will increase lag slightly if there are few cuboidal-range beacons, but overall it should be much better than the previous model of querying location once per beacon broadcast.