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need help

Started by Matsico, Jan 24, 2023, 08:11 PM

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hello everyone

I'm trying to make a program for a advanced ender pocket computer and a advanced computer with a bundled cabel behind it. i want to use the pocket computer to open doors, turn on lights etc. but i cant figure out how to send such commands to the computer that wil put it on de bundled cabel


Both computers need a wireless modem of some kind. An ender modem is fine, it just has improved range. You can mix the modems as well, just don't try to use a wired one.

With both computers equipped with wireless modems, you will then need to use the rednet API to communicate to the computers. Rednet uses the computer's ID (which you can find with the ID program) to figure out which computer the messages are for (warning, other computers can easily listen to these messages too).