How to make a API

Started by Creepdasheep, Nov 09, 2022, 03:24 pm

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step 1, make a script with the name of the api you want to call
step 2, go into the script and make some functions like..

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function wait(int)
 local waitint = tonumber(int)

Now in your main script insert your api
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with your function put the name of your api...
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Now you know how to make API's or you could have just gone to the wiki


Using `os.loadAPI` is one way of doing it. Another more modern way of doing it is `require`.

File a:
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local a = {}

local function a.sum(a, b)
  return a + b

return a

File b:
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local a = require("a")
a.sum(5+5) | Reusing code with require
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