(solved) Is inventory detection bugged or am I just stupid?

Started by Nodrance, Jul 13, 2022, 11:10 pm

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EDIT: THIS WAS SOLVED! For anyone coming after me, you need minecraft 1.13+ or the plethora mod

I'm having trouble detecting when a given block is an inventory. According to the docs, peripheral.wrap("front") and peripheral.find("minecraft:chest") should both work fine to detect a chest in front of the turtle. Even copying line for line the example code in the docs (https://tweaked.cc/generic_peripheral/inventory.html) doesn't work, it doesn't detect chests even when they're adjacent on every side. This happens for both computers and turtles. I'm using vanilla chests, minecraft:chest, as confirmed by the inventory name and f3 screen. I copied all the code and checked for errors. Is this a bug or am I monumentally stupid?

Minecraft 1.12.2, CC:tweaked 1.89.2