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Started by exa-byte, May 05, 2022, 04:52 pm

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Hi there,

I've lately finally been able to tinker a little more with web servers than when I first tried out computercraft years ago. The result is a web framework that allows you to remotely control your turtles via the webbrowser of your choice (even your smartphone if you set it up correctly). You also get to experience the world as seen by your turtles (see image).

Setup and more information are available here: https://github.com/exa-byte/CCTurtleRemoteController

Discord: https://discord.gg/tYBesNB6kT


Hello, I've seen your program and I've been trying to make it work, currently my server is running on a dedicated server with the Pterodactyl Frontend on port 80. Which means I can't really hook this to the localhost port 80. And currently I'm trying option one, which is manually replacing localhost with my minecraft server IP, but how will it link to it? I'm kinda confused at how this works with option 1 at step 4. How will the server call the API of CC to the turtle? And how will I use step 9 to add turtles? Would appreciate any help with these questions if possible

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Hi, basically you would need to change every api call in the frontend and turtle code to use a different port than the default one. I'm currently quite busy so I will probably not be able to do that myself, but hop in my related discord, there's some people that might be able to help you. This other (not mine) discord might also be helpful: https://discord.gg/32XFYPftyK


If your server has docker (which it should for pteradactle) you can change the port it is hosted on by running it in an nodejs container, and supplying an different port in TAPI and rcturtle Lua files.