Diamond Digger (Cookie Clicker clone)

Started by Roodiger, Aug 09, 2021, 07:32 pm

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Hey guys! I've been working on a cookie clicker clone in computer craft.

You guys can check it out if you want! It plays like cookie clicker basically.

I got the idea from reading an old computer craft post about cookie clicker, and wanted to give it a shot for myself!

First you set up a new game, with a username and a password. Then it loads you into the game. You can play for however long you want. If you close the game, or the server restarts, or anything, it will save the game and you will be able to load it with your username and password.

If you are using a command computer, it will give the player a diamond when you hit certain diamond milestones (Still need more work here, it only gives a few diamonds). If you are using and advanced computer, it will ignore that feature.

The password is hashed when it is saved, so it should be secure enough! (Thanks to Anavrins and PG231 from the discord server)

To get the game set up, you need to have some advanced monitors set up, 5 horizontally, 3 vertically. Then you need to have an advanced or command computer on the right side of the monitor.

Then you use the following to start the game:

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pastebin get d9b7h8D4


You can check out the code here:

Install code:https://pastebin.com/d9b7h8D4

Startup code:https://pastebin.com/BgTaVCap

Title code:https://pastebin.com/NYQnJNRr

Main game code:https://pastebin.com/nskTfHev

And yes, I know that the code is probably awful. This is my first time using Lua. Any suggestions for how to improve it is welcome! I know that most of it can probably be improved haha Just try to be nice


Hey, is there any particular reason the game is played on a monitor? I tried running it in CCEmuX (can't play Minecraft on this PC) and it errored almost instantly.

Your code looks pretty clean to me, especially for a first project. By the way, you can use pastebin run (code) instead of pastebin get (code) installer and calling the installer manually. pastebin run directly runs the paste