Rapid Fire / Prank Drone Builder

Started by Kaikaku, Mar 14, 2021, 12:57 pm

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Mar 14, 2021, 12:57 pm Last Edit: Mar 14, 2021, 01:08 pm by Kaikaku
(Oh my, just found out about the "new" forum. Was quite difficult to get last week a post onto the old forum...)

This program builds either a prank dropper drone, that drops once per minecraft day an item (option 1).
Build option 2 makes a more nasty thing, I call rapid fire drone (RFD), that can shoot up to 2880 arrows (lag incomming).
Per default the turtle moves upwards until it is blocked (by block or build hight limit) and builds the drone there.
Further options to choose are to make a turtle refill the drone or the fire command for the RFD.
The RFD uses 5 dispensers and a computer with a modem in the middle. Per redstone turning on and off, I use two os.sleep(0.1) commands, that's as fast as I got it.

Finally, I put some effort in improving player useabilty (@Inksaver: your comment helped w/ motivation :) )
  • I finally now use any key press to show up the next info screen. I sorted out the ctrl, shift, alt and windows-key (==nil) as they might mess things up or disable termination by ctrl+t.
  • Inventory checks do not end the program. Turtle will now wait patiently.
  • Program can be also used on computers to send fire commands.
  • You can add a modem during run time (turtle and computer).
  • First time using colors on screens in a finished program.

Parameters (optional, not case sensitive):
bDrone [number, [number] rfd, refill, fire number]

  • rfd: builds not the regular prank drone, but the RFD version (=option 2)
  • refill: turtle refills the drone above (from own inventory or chest in front of it) (=option 3)
  • fire: sends fire command to RFD, requries the additional number parameter, this is the number of redstone pulses (x5 dispensed items) (=option 4)
  • number: a positive number
    w/o any other parameter it builds a prank drone (with max. upwards movements=number) (=option 1),
    w/  rfd it builds a RFD (with max. upwards movements=number),
    w/  fire before it, all RFDs in reach pulse number times, shooting numberx5 items



Idea for this build is a vanilla reddit post:
Hi there!
I make YouTube videos about my turtle programs (incl. pastebin). Visit me if you like :)


Haha, hey there,
we will surely try this out.
I love this "rapid fire" thing.
This are still the priorities that pushes us up 2 limits....^^

I mean it - this is no joke.
In the end, we are all just little boys playing around (and learning a lot for sure!)


Quote from: poisoned on Mar 19, 2021, 12:23 am...
I love this "rapid fire" thing.

Actually, I just wanted to make a short and simple builder program, that saves you the trouble of getting the drone somehow up in the air. But then I just couldn't resist to add the "slightly" more powerfull version :D
Hi there!
I make YouTube videos about my turtle programs (incl. pastebin). Visit me if you like :)