Mod Suggestion: Colytra by TheIllusiveC4

Started by Tomodachi94, Dec 29, 2020, 05:19 am

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Would you like Colytra by TheIllusiveC4 to be added to the SwitchCraft modpack?

No to adding Colytra by TheIllusiveC4 to the SwitchCraft modpack.
0 (0%)
Yes to adding Colytra by TheIllusiveC4 to the SwitchCraft modpack.
5 (100%)

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Hey Switchies,
I am here today for a very specific reason: a mod request. Specifically, Colytra by TheIllusiveC4. The mod's CurseForge page sums up its purpose quite nicely:
Quote from: Colytra's CurseForge pageColytra is a mod that adds the ability to attach an elytra to any chestplate you want, allowing you to reap the benefits of having an elytra without sacrificing the ability to wear your cool-looking armor.
This would get a cheer from those with elytra on SwitchCraft. It has some cool features. Among them include the ability to combine a chestplate with an elytra, and use your elytra as a Bauble (the little ring icon inside your inventory). Thoughts? Comments? Vote on it and explain what you voted and why!
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