CraftOSOS: ComputerCraft as a real desktop OS

Started by JackMacWindows, Nov 14, 2020, 02:06 am

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A few months ago I released CraftOS-EFI, a ComputerCraft emulator that ran as a UEFI application. I've gotten requests to make it into a real operating system instead of an EFI app, and I finally found a way to do this without having to write my own libc. Introducing CraftOSOS, a full ComputerCraft 1.80pr1 operating system for x86 PCs.

CraftOSOS is based off of the code from CraftOS-EFI, but instead runs under its own microkernel, and directly interfaces with the system's hardware. It uses the standard VGA 16-color 640x480 mode to draw a full graphical terminal, using the real ComputerCraft font. It also properly supports file and directory I/O, meaning you can list directories as usual. It can be booted from any multiboot-compatible bootloader such as GRUB.

As of version 0.1, CraftOSOS requires the following setup to function properly:

  • x86-64 PC or virtual machine
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Monitor and video card that support 16-color 640x480 VGA (this should be standard)
  • PIIX3 IDE interface for storage, or SATA in ATA emulation mode
    • All ROM files must be on the first partition of the primary master drive, formatted as FAT
    • 20 MB should be enough space to fit everything (GRUB, chainloader, kernel, ROM)
  • PS/2 keyboard, or a BIOS that supports PS/2 emulation for USB
  • For debug messages, a serial port is required

It is recommended that you run CraftOSOS in QEMU, as this is where it has been tested the most. Instructions for doing so are in the readme.

You can download the latest version of CraftOSOS on GitHub, or you can browse the source online.


Wow. Love this creation. Keep up the good work!
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Quote from: JackMacWindows on Nov 14, 2020, 02:06 am-snip-

Question though... Does it support http, and mouse support? (or you're working on it soon)
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Jan 14, 2021, 04:02 pm #3 Last Edit: Jan 14, 2021, 08:05 pm by Ryoman
Does this emulate USB drives as CC disk drives and is this emulating CC:T of CraftOSPC?


Also one thing that can be useful in the CraftOSOS, can it do all of the CC palette functions?
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Mar 30, 2021, 05:59 am #5 Last Edit: Mar 30, 2021, 11:44 am by Siftos
I tried this out. Needed some figuring
out to get it work initially. But.

I love the idea, and if you're continuing development still, then keep up the good work!