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Sup m'fellas

Started by deathlife23, Jun 24, 2020, 02:35 PM

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Hey guys, deathlife23 here

just donated and registered to the forums and im here to say hi!
i love pizza


Welcome aboard, deathlife23!


Quote from: deathlife23 on Jun 24, 2020, 02:35 PMHey guys, deathlife23 here

just donated and registered to the forums and im here to say hi!

Welcome to the pack!
GOTTA GO FAST!!!! - Sunrise Studios now calling testers! Check the post!
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Me also wanted to leave some "Hey there.." to all of u.


I so much do appreciate your work especially in fact "computercraft"

As my son (12 years old) only keeps playing shi/%%/(tty games (Gta...Gta...and..GTA..), i tried and tried 2 show him another way.

Useful games.
Games u really have to "grow in" so its not just...GTA..( i hope u can follow my pitching english..)
Gameservers (hlds,joomla..linux....whatsoever)
But h didnt really stay on anything. 2 much "hardness" to invest..blablabla

THEN....HE showed ME minecraft - already installed via this curse-modlauncher.
And i found much....and i found computercraft!

It's GENIOUS. In every way, i could imagine for s.o. participating in ANYTHING done on a pc.
Especially in a world, people are becoming more and more uninterested in "going the hard way" and learn sth. on their own!

Please never stop supporting this kind of mod.
I myself Love it, i love the turtle, all the things u can do.

And really-  my little boy saw the possibilites, i showed him, the easyness AND the joy  of learning logical code AND see, if the logic works!

So..i could never contribute  enough to you guys.
But i surely will!
(starting on next month....)

Yeah...hmja....that's, what i wanted to tell you.
Until now, everything else i could have "wanted" from u was already answered in the forums.
Also this, i appreciate very much - the time u spend with answering the craft related questions.

Much of Text now.

(South)German - Greez, poisoned