ccSensors, Reactors and Monitors.

Started by arttu80, Mar 09, 2020, 04:23 pm

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Mar 09, 2020, 04:23 pm Last Edit: Mar 09, 2020, 06:50 pm by arttu80
If there is two or more targets under one sensor how can I choose which target I am reading? They are close so you can see 6 reactors with one sensor... I have 10 reactors in 5 row. I am doing monitors for each one showing heat,output and if its on also fuel remaining percentage would be nice. I dont have the code yet or any idea how to do it (my old code wasnt working so I am starting from bottom again.) I believe its ccSensors. I am talking about tekkit classic. I will start to do script when I know how to choose the target.

I managed to understand how I can change the sensors and make the first working script. Still I couldnt findout how I could make that fuel meter. I think if I could get just damage value of uranium cell and divide it by 100 (max damage for cells is 10 000) I could make it as percentage. I cant get the damage value. I will leave the script to under.


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while true do

ctrl = sensors.getController()
data = sensors.getSensors(ctrl)

reactorSensor = data[1]
--sensor we are using

data = sensors.getSensorInfo(ctrl,reactorSensor)
data = sensors.getProbes(ctrl,reactorSensor)
reactorProbe = data[2]
--what we are reading

data = sensors.getAvailableTargetsforProbe(ctrl,reactorSensor,reactorProbe)
reactorTarget = data[2]
--reactors number on sensor

data =      sensors.getSensorReadingAsDict(ctrl,reactorSensor,reactorTarget,reactorProbe)

print("Reactor #10")
print("Hull temp:""'C")
print("EU Output:"