TechCorp 2020: World of Corporations IV

Started by Terra1, Feb 08, 2020, 06:56 pm

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TechCorp 2020
TechCorp 2020 is a modded server designed by and for programmers, wannabe politicians, builders, and casual players.

With a huge selection of mods, from Botania to Advanced Rocketry, you have a vast amount of choices over where to focus your efforts. You could expand to space, tear planets apart with orbital lasers, and build massive space stations all across the galaxy, or be a "humble" farmer, using automated drones to transform the entire surface of the planet into farmland.

Socially, you could be a loner, building an entire base by yourself, or you could join up with other players, creating a company to out-compete all other players in the global marketplace.

QuoteWait, what global marketplace?

There is a server economy, running on a cryptocurrency named Krist, which you can mine with your real-world computer. You can exchange it freely with other players for goods and services.

1: Hacking = Permanent IP ban.
2: Listen to staff.
3: Don't cause lag.

Technic Pack:
Individual mods (For MultiMC users):

IP Address:
Port 25565

Remember to do /server tc2020 when you join.



Am I able to share some cool programs if I can lol
Sonic Classic applications afoot!


WOAH I found this server is hosted in Korea, Asia!
Sonic Classic applications afoot!