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Started by CCTech, May 29, 2019, 11:51 pm

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Should I write another langauge? If yes: which language?

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RheoLib (A Library language for Rheo)
1 (10%)
Another langauge (Write as reply)
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May 29, 2019, 11:51 pm Last Edit: May 30, 2019, 12:51 pm by CCTech
is a development kit for CC:Tweaked. It sadly does not work for CC. I am still trying to make it compatible.

What is Rheo
Rheo is a development kit for CC:Tweaked that comes with 2 programs and one API:
  • Rheo
  • REdit
  • dict.lua

dict.lua is an API for JSON-like files which are used in Rheo.
REdit is a customized edit program for RheoScript and here we go:
Rheo is the main program of this utitlity: It is an interpreter for RheoScript, a language made for Rheo in CC.

There is a documentation about RheoScript on it's github page:

RheoScript is not as powerful as Lua but, I tried my best.

and that's one reason of dict.lua: Rheo uses a format called "dict" for data saving, like other programs use JSON.

And for Lua support you can parse dict's using
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dict.parse(string or table)since there's no real documentation for dict.lua a small example:
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local dict = require("rheo/dict.lua")

local dc = {
  hello = "World",
  world = "Hello"

local dc = parse.dict(dc)
--[[ returns:
  hello => World
  world => Hello

and if you parse a string it will return a table

Now after speaking really much: The pastebin download of Rheo:
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pastebin run 9DJzarXT
Thanks for your interest, Feel free to report any bugs, or give feedback


It looks good, but I'd really like to see Java in CC


Java in CC would be so cool so we can write programs with better structure and code reuse!