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TechCorp 5

Started by Terra1, Jun 16, 2019, 07:57 PM

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Welcome to TechCorp 5, World of Corporations II

TechCorp 5 has a long history, dating back to the 27th of July, 2015, when TechCorp: World of Corporations was released.

The first two servers under the TechCorp series were failures, but TechCorp 3 stood out, gaining a loyal playerbase for months, although TechCorp 4, it's successor, was a failure.
This time, I will get it right. TechCorp 5 is a (relative to Switchcraft) mod-heavy creative PlotSquared server, with the backing of the entirety of the old TechCorp playerbase, plus some players from other communities.

Listen to staff
Don't grief
Don't use hacks
Don't lag the server to death
Don't spam
Advertising is allowed, just no spamming advertisements
Don't be annoying
Don't impersonate staff
Have fun!

Breaking the rules is a 30 minute tempban first, then a 1 day tempban, then a permanent ban.*
*Spamming is a 30 minute mute, then a 1 day mute, then a permanent mute.

Server IP:
Ignore anything about "missing registries", that's just a minor bug that doesn't affect gameplay.


The server is nice - you should join. I need help with my company that specializes in networking, so if you're interested you can catch me online to get accepted!


TechCorp 5 is back online after a month of inactivity.
The address is now updated.


Just joining. I have no idea if I am late for this. I hope its good ;)


Aww it's probably gone and not being hosted ;( I was looking forward to being there.