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Started by hugeblank, Aug 12, 2018, 06:47 pm

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Quote from: LoganDark on Sep 11, 2022, 02:35 amI wish I didn't have to solve 3 captchas every post

Granted, now there is four captchas.

I wish I could finish the projects i start!
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Granted, but you can't take any breaks until you finish them.

I wish I could learn every programming language, without forgetting them!


Granted, but you now despise every programming language except for the one you think is the best, and so you do not voluntarily write or read any programming language but <insert language here>.

I wish I could have the amount of diamonds, gold, and iron that I own in SwitchCraft in real life.


Granted, but you get robbed of all your krist, and it seems the minerals were just holograms 🤔.

I wish I could get motivation easier.
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Granted. CC:T gets graphics mode, and every low end computer (and computer with low-end internet) suddenly cannot play on big servers like SwitchCraft, there's just too much data per monitor now!

I wish computercraft.info would die, so new computercraft players don't see that, try to make an account, and give up on the CC community since they can no longer make an account.


Granted, they get redirected here instead, but they believe squiddev is the original developer of CC, and refuse to be convinced otherwise.

I wish more people would use my tools/games.
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Granted, but all of your tools/games have a bug that dosen't happen for you but happens for everyone else

I wish I could install a custom rom on computers