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Started by TheTinyDeskEngineer, Mar 13, 2021, 04:07 pm

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Me and my brother are playing in a survival world with CC: Restitched (the Fabric port of CC: Tweaked) and we made an Advanced Computer, but we have no idea what we should do with it first. What are some good not-too-hard to implement things we could do?


You could look at the idea exchange on the old forums for ideas. Personally, I make my programs to solve/automate survival problems, you'll probably need a turtle for it but a tree farm is a bit of a challenge and is useful as charcoal is a decent fuel source for turtles.

Without making a turtle, there are not many practical things that a computer can do. If you have some reactor mods that are compatible with CC or have redstone controls then you could try making a program that manages the reactor, although figuring out the peripheral can be a bit difficult.


You can also try to use some operating systems on the old forums to use external programs on. Try OpusOS, you'll be able to make some awesome apps with that, but you'll need some Lua programming skills for this. I'm working with @eli310 to make COSC on Gitlab to help with other users, as well as a workaround with the original CraftOS environment to get certain libraries. We got a eStore you can develop with as well so you can publish your programs on there. (You'll need install.lua to install the app from Gitlab first.)
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