Jumping Game

Started by KingofGamesYami, Aug 13, 2018, 01:58 am

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Pastebin Download: tDe6g6gw
Space to Jump (Press Space in midair to double-jump!)
Hit any key to continue when "GAME OVER"
Description: Don't hit the incoming walls / objects. Inspired by Google Chrome's "Offline Game", where it's a dinosaur jumping cacti. Obviously, these aren't cacti.
I intend to improve the game, make it more complex. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!
Edit: Since nobody has commented ideas, I suppose I need to be more direct. Post ideas for the game below because I don't have any yet.

  • Changed some colors
  • Optimized drawing
    • Stopped drawing the field multiple times
    • Stopped clearing the entire screen; started using term.clearLine for affected lines
  • Changed "gravity" to 0.7, from 0.75
    • Makes more 'natural' jumping curve
  • Fixed detection issue mentioned by nitrogenfingers
  • Added increasing FPS / difficulty
    • Starts at 10 FPS (default), slowly increments to 20 FPS (at a score of 1000). It'll "try" to go beyond 20 FPS, but CC can't handle it so if anyone makes it past 1000 and experiences issues, please tell me.
  • Changed the way new obstacles are generated
    • Obstacles are generated closer together if they are below a certain height
  • If I missed anything please feel free to tell me so!
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