CraftOS-EFI: ComputerCraft Operating System for UEFI

Started by JackMacWindows, Jan 28, 2020, 06:37 am

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DISCLAIMER: v0.1 does not support running on real hardware. I am actively working to fix this bug, but it may be a while until I can figure this out.

Introducing CraftOS-EFI, the worst ComputerCraft emulator that is its own operating system (or something). It runs under a native UEFI environment, so you can pretty much just boot straight into CraftOS without loading any other operating system.

Note that this is different from my main emulation project, CraftOS-PC, which is a fork from the same parent code base but has way more features than this.

Here's a screenshot:

Version v0.1:
  • Does not include HTTP support
  • Does not support Ctrl/Alt keys (don't open edit.lua!)
  • May not support background colors?
  • Works in QEMU using OVMF EFI image
  • Is very slow (at least in a VM)
  • Must be run from the EFI shell (included in compiled image)

You can download the latest version from Each release includes the raw EFI image that you can put on your EFI System Partition, as well as an image file that you can boot a VM from or flash to a USB drive. You can run the image in the QEMU emulator using an OVMF image, see the Ubuntu Wiki page for more info.


Well that's unexpected.. I hope we'll be able to run it from real hardware soon!


Great job! Can you publish any build instructions?


[string "local nativegetfenv = getfenv"]: 602: /rom/apis/colors.lua: No such of directory (2)

How to fix?