So we're stuck between 2 unusable forums?

Started by Nodrance, Jul 13, 2022, 06:46 pm

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We've got the old forums, where nobody can make a new account and the only admin is offline. Then we have these, where in order to do anything you have to solve 2 captchas, one of which is unreadable, and remember the name of our lord and saviour (AKA the guy who happened to have the most time on his hands when CC died). This mod is so great, but now we've got all this. Is there a discord server or something?


Quote from: Nodrance on Jul 13, 2022, 06:46 pmIs there a discord server or something?

Look in the top left of the screen. Or click here.


Hello, thank you for your feedback on the forums. You are welcome to join the ComputerCraft Discord and say hi!

Would you be able to take a screenshot of the type of captcha you are struggling to solve? It would be nice to see if we can fix that.


The top one mainly is annoying to solve and nearly impossible half the time, and the bottom one does nothing except make everything more tedious. It's incredibly easy to automate, so it does nothing to deter bots while making humans suffer.


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In my opinion reCAPTCHA should be enogth. The top one really is quite hard, i always have to press listen.
And the bottom one is very easy to automate.
But I am very glad I no longer have to do those captchas, maybe it knows im human? :O
The best solution in my opinion is to use hCaptcha, the captcha where you drag a puzzle piece, or the one where you rotate the image.
Recaptcha is also quite bad due to privacy / Google making giga data set.
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I also think that the top verification is too hard. Every time I want to post something I fail 3-7 times in a row. This isn't good. The reCAPTCHA (although hCaptcha would be better) is good enough. The top verification is only needed on login or on registration, there it serves it's purpose, but otherwise it's VERY hard and annoying.
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