Dragon Block C calculators [1.7.10]

Started by Ozroth, Apr 03, 2021, 07:21 pm

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This program was created using minecraft 1.7.10, Computercraft version 1.75 (CraftOS 1.7)

This is a collection of calculators I have created to calculate different stats, prerequisites, scaling, and other information for the Dragon Block C mod, which can be found here: http://main.jingames.net/minecraft-mods/dragon-block-c/

The values and formulas for the mod are based on values that are present on the server I play on. Most of these values should be the same, but certain modifiable variables such as form multipliers will be different. Beware of this.

Here are some examples:
TP cost calculator:


Dex by passive defense:

Defense by dex:

Dex: pastebin get KAN722fN
tpcost calculator: pastebin get btyybrLj
tpEval (depreciated, please use version 2): pastebin get 1FCpCz9v
tpEvalv2: pastebin get rPJgQBsc

More calculators for different stats will be released as they are created and tested. The eventual goal is to provide a mock stat-page with a GUI similar to the mod and allow the user to change different values and dynamically return the changes that are made, how much TP each attribute will cost, and other useful information that people need to design their builds intelligently.

If you are also playing on 1.7.10 or earlier, you will need the pastebin fix: I am unsure of the original author. https://pastebin.com/jCfCfBPn